JYP’s New Global Girl Group VCHA Unveils Debut Single Concept, Promising a Dazzling Stage Presence

JYP Entertainment’s new global girl group VCHA has revealed the concept photos for their debut single. The group, consisting of Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savannah, Cage, and Kailey, is set to make their first step into the K-pop market with the release of their debut single “Girls of the Year” on the 26th. This follows their pre-debut single “Ready for the World,” released on December 1 last year, and a series of introductory videos titled “Who’s

“Who’s,” which have been gradually released since the beginning of the year.

On the 15th, JYP heightened expectations by releasing the group concept photo for “Girls of the Year.” The photo features VCHA members in a photoshoot-like setting, dressed in chic black and white outfits, exuding elegance and sophistication. Another image shows them on a glamorous stage, capturing attention with their sparkling visuals and vibrant energy.

The group teaser photo conveys the excitement of VCHA’s impending debut, a group that has already garnered attention from international media like the Grammy and Nylon, even before their official launch. It evokes the anticipation of VCHA gracing the covers of famous magazines as the stars of 2024 and their bright future as a worldwide rookie group conquering various stages.

VCHA’s debut single “Girls of the Year” will include the title track of the same name and another song, “XO Call Me.” This project is a part of the grand collaboration between JYP and the American label Republic Records under the project ‘A2K’ (America2Korea), showcasing the members’ dreams and ambitions. The title track, completed with the participation of renowned writers like Marcus Anderson, Lauren Aquilina, and Chloe Latimer, promises to be a hit.

The previously unveiled sound teaser for “Girls of the Year” featured vibrant energy, a dreamy mood, and sweet vocals, increasing curiosity about the full song. VCHA, living up to their group name, aims to shine bright and color 2024 as the year

of VCHA, bringing light and positivity to their fans and the world.

VCHA’s debut single “Girls of the Year” is scheduled for official release on the 26th at 2 PM. On the same day, at 3 PM, the group will hold an online live event to celebrate this special occasion and engage with fans. This debut marks the beginning of their journey in the music industry, showcasing their talent and the culmination of their hard work and dreams. The group’s anticipation to step onto the global stage and connect with their audience is palpable, promising a dynamic and memorable entry into the K-pop scene.

Source: spotvnews.co.kr


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