IVE Returns as Refreshing Summer Goddesses with ‘SUMMER FESTA’ MV Teaser

IVE is set to make a splash in the summer music scene.

Starship Entertainment unveiled the teaser for IVE’s new music video ‘SUMMER FESTA,’ part of the ‘2024 Pepsi Campaign,’ on their official YouTube channel.

The teaser begins with An Yujin grooving to the beat on a sandy beach under a clear blue sky. It continues with close-up shots highlighting the members’ stunning visuals and scenes of them navigating the waters on a boat. The video features IVE’s clear and refreshing vocals and singing prowess, along with snippets of the choreography for the new song, capturing both the eyes and ears of viewers. The teaser concludes with a scene of IVE surrounded by vibrant fireworks, heightening anticipation for the full music video and the upcoming release.

IVE’s previous Pepsi collaboration song ‘I WANT’ swept various music charts and continues to receive love from global fans. With ‘SUMMER FESTA,’ IVE is expected to bring an upgraded charm and instantly dispel the summer heat.

IVE’s new single ‘SUMMER FESTA’ will be released on various music platforms on June 28 at 6 PM.

Meanwhile, IVE recently wrapped up their domestic promotions for the double title tracks ‘HEYA’ and ‘Accendio’ from their second EP album ‘IVE SWITCH.’

Since October last year, IVE has been on their first world tour ‘IVE THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘SHOW WHAT I HAVE’,’ performing in 27 cities across 19 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. In August, they will hold an encore concert in Seoul, and in September, they will perform at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Source: tenasia.hankyung.com


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