KISS OF LIFE Transforms into Bright Summer Queens with ‘Sticky’ MV Teaser

The girl group KISS OF LIFE is aiming to become summer queens with their refreshing new concept.

KISS OF LIFE will release their new digital single ‘Sticky’ on July 1 at midnight across various online music platforms. This comes just three months after their April release, ‘Midas Touch.’ ‘Sticky’ showcases KISS OF LIFE’s unique, radiant summer days, marking a notable shift from the intense Y2K music and vibrant performances that landed ‘Midas Touch’ on the Billboard Global 200 chart.

Julie expressed her excitement for the comeback, saying, “We prepared this digital single in a short time because we wanted to release a KISS OF LIFE-like album in the summer. We prepared it joyfully and passionately.” Belle added, “This summer comeback is particularly exciting as the four of us have been very eager to prepare.”

The title track ‘Sticky’ is characterized by its groovy Afrobeat rhythm, refreshing vocals, and energetic performance, offering a new charm. Another track, ‘Te Quireo,’ features a Latin vibe that conveys the heat of summer nights and passionate love.

Belle explained the choice of ‘Sticky’ as the title track, stating, “We had a lot of discussions about which song to choose as the title track. ‘Sticky’ gives the feeling of a scorching day under the sun, while ‘Te Quireo’ feels like a hot summer night dream. We decided to go with ‘Sticky’ to show a brighter, more natural side of KISS OF LIFE, while still maintaining our powerful vocals and performance.”

The members also embraced new images for this comeback. Haneul mentioned, “To show a healthy image, all the members worked out a lot, even visiting the gym daily while overseas.” Belle noted, “Natti cut her hair short, Julie dyed her hair orange, I went with an ash beige color and got bangs, and Haneul kept her long, straight hair to emphasize her pure look.”

KISS OF LIFE’s approach to ‘freshness’ is distinct. Julie stated, “We’ve incorporated an old-school hip-hop R&B base into our fresh concept, blending in our unique vibe, tone, and performance style, which has a high global appeal. We have made bold attempts and taken risks to show a different side of us.”

Natti added, “While we aim to show a fresh concept, it’s not just about being innocent and bright. We want to showcase a healthy freshness with an underlying femininity.”

The members also shared their experiences while filming the music video in Warsaw, Poland. Natti said, “We all tried to look as pretty as possible. Our individual personalities come through in this song, making it a great fit.” Belle and Haneul mentioned that they tried twerking for the first time and incorporated a lot of hip movements, adding to the performance’s uniqueness.

KISS OF LIFE is also set to perform at ‘Waterbomb 2024.’ Natti revealed, “We’ve prepared to interact more with the audience, using handheld mics and ensuring an explosive surprise performance.”

Regarding their aspirations, Julie said, “We are excited for ‘Waterbomb’ and want to enjoy many stages together with ‘Sticky.’ Hearing fans say ‘you look so happy on stage’ makes us happy, and we hope they feel the same joy during our summer activities.” Natti added, “I want to perform at ‘Coachella,’ reach the ‘Billboard Hot 100,’ and win big awards at ceremonies. We also aim for a music show win.” Belle concluded, “We haven’t met many overseas fans yet, so a world tour and holding concerts are our big dreams.”



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