Jay Park Releases Signature Hip-Hop Track ‘McNasty’

Jay Park reconnects with his audience through his quintessential hip-hop sound with the release of his new single ‘McNasty’ on June 30 across various online music platforms.

‘McNasty’ arrives just a month after his previous release, ‘Jay Park Season 2,’ offering listeners another taste of ‘Jay Park-style hip-hop.’ The track features bold, witty lyrics and an addictive hook that are sure to captivate listeners and hit the mark with fans of his music.

The single showcases the production prowess of GooseBumps, known for his party tunes, and YUNGIN (David Yungin Kim), a Grammy Award-winning engineer who has worked with global artists like Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Hit-Boy, and Nipsey Hustle, enhancing the quality of the track.

Accompanying the audio release, the music video for ‘McNasty’ promises to draw attention with its sexy and witty concept. In the video, Jay Park appears as a chef, delivering a unique visual experience and powerful dance performances that perfectly convey the groove and charm of ‘McNasty.’

Previously released teaser images and video clips highlighted Jay Park’s mature and intense allure, piquing the curiosity of fans. Known for his distinctive style and trendy music, Jay Park continues to excite audiences with his latest offering.

Jay Park’s new single ‘McNasty’ is available on various online music platforms.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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