BTS’s V Hits 650 Million Streams on Spotify with “Love Me Again”

BTS member V’s solo track “Love Me Again” has surpassed 650 million streams on Spotify, underscoring its immense popularity.

As of June 27, V’s “Love Me Again,” a track from his first solo album “Layover,” reached 650 million streams on the world’s largest music streaming platform, Spotify. The song currently stands at 656.5 million streams.

“Love Me Again,” a pre-release track from the “Layover” album, ranked 99th on the Spotify Global Chart as of June 28. Despite being released 325 days ago, the song continues to enjoy sustained popularity and long-term success on the platform.

The track “Love Me Again” is an R&B song infused with 1970s soul and gospel elements, creating a unique vibe seldom seen in K-pop. V’s hauntingly beautiful deep voice and falsetto transitions are particularly highlighted in this song.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, V shared that “Love Me Again” is about a longing to revisit the past and reflects an ongoing youthful spirit. He also mentioned it as his favorite track from his solo album. The song, capturing V’s preferences and style, has become a healing anthem for many global fans.

Additionally, American music media Consequence of Sound praised “Love Me Again” in their “2023 K-POP Yearbook,” naming it one of the “Most Astonishing Singles.” They commended the song for its balance of pop and R&B sounds and for showcasing V’s rich baritone voice.

Alongside this streaming milestone, the music video for “Love Me Again,” shot in the caves of Mallorca, Spain, is nearing 100 million views, currently at 96.66 million views. The video, praised for its minimalist approach focusing on V’s face, music, and voice, received widespread acclaim for its sophisticated execution. Upon its release, it trended in 87 countries on YouTube and topped charts on iTunes Music Video, Apple Music Video K-Pop, and YouTube Music Video charts.



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