Jessi Releases New Single ‘Gum’… Surprise Spoiler from Jay Park ‘Only Jessi Can Do This Song’

Jessi has piqued fans’ anticipation with a surprise spoiler about her upcoming single. Following her appearance on Jay Park’s official YouTube channel for “MORE TALK” on October 21st, where she discussed various aspects of her new single “Gum,” More Vision’s official social media accounts shared photos related to the release on October 22nd.

During the “MORE TALK” session, Jessi engaged in a sincere and composed discussion with Jay Park, offering insights into her new single “Gum.” She shared her expectation that reactions to the song might vary, with some saying it’s “typical Jessi” while others might find it different. She also revealed that the song involved collaborations with legendary global pop artists like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Chris Brown, with renowned American producer group Stereotypes contributing to the track. Jay Park added excitement by suggesting that “Gum” is a song that only Jessi can deliver, further building anticipation for her unique transformation through this release.

The newly revealed photos of Jessi have also intensified curiosity about “Gum.” The images showcase Jessi’s exceptional charisma and commanding presence, with a focus on her striking red lips, adding to the hot and fiery vibe. “Gum” is expected to emphasize Jessi’s confidence and bold charm, offering a refreshing taste of her distinct musical style and captivating performances. The single is set to be released on various online music platforms on October 25th.



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