Seventeen, with ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN,’ Secures the Top Spots on Music and Album Charts

South Korean group Seventeen has made history with their 11th mini-album, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.” The title track, “음악의 신” (Music God), quickly soared to the top of major domestic music charts like Melon, Genie, and Bugs immediately after its release on October 23. Notably, Seventeen achieved a significant milestone as the first male group this year to top the Melon TOP100 chart. The track also reached number one on iTunes “Top Songs” charts in 29 countries/regions, including Brazil, the Philippines, and Singapore. Additionally, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” claimed the number one spot on various global charts, including iTunes Album Charts and Line Music’s real-time album chart in Japan.

Seventeen’s previous mini-album, “FML,” achieved remarkable sales of over 3 million copies on its release day. Continuing this success, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” surpassed 3.28 million copies in first-day sales. This impressive achievement marks a consecutive “grand slam” for Seventeen. The album’s title, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN,” reflects both the happiness the group feels at the end of a long journey of challenges and explorations and the celebration of their achievements alongside their fans, known as Carats or “TEAM SVT.”

Seventeen is set to perform their comeback stage on the KBS music show “Music Bank” on October 27. Their continued success on the charts showcases their enduring popularity and the anticipation of fans worldwide for their music.



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