‘Kingdom’ Stray Kids ranked 1st → SF9 6th, gap widened

The unprecedented collaboration unit stages, which can only be seen in Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, have been unveiled.  
In the 7th episode of “Kingdom: Legendary War”, which aired on the 13th, the first round of the 3rd contest, which was held in two rounds, was unveiled. BTOB, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ teamed up with ‘May Fly’ and iKON, SF9, and The Boyz teamed up with ‘It’s One’.  
The song that the “May Fly” rap unit, composed of Lee Min-hyuk (B2B), Bang Chan, Changbin, Han (Stray Kids), and Hong Joong (ATEEZ), was ‘Paint Play’. Members of different colors became one with music, and a splendid performance was unfolded in various colors on the stage. The ‘May Fly’ dance unit consisting of Peniel (BTOB), Reno, Felix, I.N (Stray Kids), Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, and Wooyoung (ATEEZ) arranges EXO’s ‘Wolf and Beauty’.  It boasted excellent compositional power, such as a variety of pair choreography, crumping, and flying endings, as well as facial expressions that properly showed the wolf’s wild beauty. Above all, members put down the contest for a while in this round and conveyed the sincerity of each group member who supported each other intact, and added meaning by showing the musical anxiety and thirst each member had. As a result, Stray Kids (9066.024 points) in 1st place, ATEEZ (8025.600 points) in 2nd place, B2B (6568.134 points) in 3rd place, iKON (6127.360 points) in 4th place, The Boyz (5676.288 points) in 5th place, SF9 (5536.593 points) in the 6th.  
‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, which is continuing a fierce competition for the throne, is aired on the 21st at 7:50pm on the 21st (local time in Korea).

Source: tenasia.hankyung.com


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