LE SSERAFIM Wins Two Awards at Japan Gold Disc Award

LE SSERAFIM has proven themselves as the leading K-pop girl group by winning two awards at the “Japan Gold Disc Award.” On March 13, the Japan Record Association announced the winners of the 38th Japan Gold Disc Award, where LE SSERAFIM (Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Hong Eunchae) took home the trophies for “New Artist of the Year” and “Best 3 New Artists” in the Asia category. This recognition comes after their official debut in Japan in January of the previous year with the single “FEARLESS,” marking their first win and double crown at the Gold Disc Awards.

The Japan Gold Disc Award, established in 1987 by the Japan Record Association, honors artists and works that contribute to the development of the record industry. Winners are selected based on annual sales of albums, music videos, streaming performances, etc. LE SSERAFIM expressed their gratitude for winning the “New Artist of the Year” and “Best 3 New Artists” awards, which can only be received once as a team. They thanked their fans, known as FEARNOT, and promised to repay the love with music that contains their unique story, looking forward to continued support.

Moreover, LE SSERAFIM has achieved significant commercial success in Japan, topping the “Oricon Annual Ranking 2023” in the newcomers’ sales category with over 2.12 billion yen (about 193 billion won) from album and digital sales. This marks the first time in 20 years, since 2003, that a female group has surpassed 2 billion yen in sales, naturally leading to their Gold Disc Awards. Their third mini-album “EASY,” released last month, also made headlines by sweeping the weekly album and combined album charts in Oricon, setting new sales and points records for the group. Their remarkable growth and record-setting achievements in Japan have garnered widespread interest in their future activities, underscoring their position as the top girl group in Japan less than two years after their debut.

Source: mydaily.co.kr


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