Wendy Says “Goodbye to the Past Me” with Her Comeback “Wish You Hell” Today (12th)

Wendy of Red Velvet makes her comeback today with the new mini-album “Wish You Hell.”

Wendy’s second mini-album “Wish You Hell” will be fully released today at 6 PM on various music sites, and the music video for the title track “Wish You Hell” will also be available simultaneously on YouTube’s SMTOWN channel and other platforms.

This album consists of a total of six tracks, including the eponymous title track. It showcases a different musical color unique to Wendy and an upgraded vocal performance, distinct from the warm emotions of her first solo album.

The title track “Wish You Hell” is a pop song based on a band sound, centered around an addictive hook melody and a rhythmic guitar sound. It carries an honest message about saying goodbye to the past self who lived according to others’ expectations and embarking on a journey to find one’s true self.

In the music video, Wendy transforms into a character full of personality, portraying a story of breaking free from all situations to experience true freedom, delivered through vintage visuals and stylish direction.

Wendy will host the “WENDY ‘Wish You Hell’ Countdown Live” on YouTube, TikTok, and Weverse’s Red Velvet channel starting at 5 PM today. During the broadcast, she will share the highlights of all tracks from the new album with fans, discussing the work behind the scenes and sharing stories related to the album.

Wendy’s second mini-album “Wish You Hell” will be released today at 6 PM, both online and as a physical album.

Source: tenasia.hankyung.com


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