MONSTA X → IZ*ONE,’Uni-Con’ with fans from 164 countries

The global K-POP entertainment platform “UNIVERSE” completed the first online live joint concert “UNI-KON”.
On the 15th, NCsoft and Klap successfully held ‘UNI-KON’ on the 14th with the participation of 2.6 million viewers from 164 countries around the world.
UNI-KON consisted of 4 parts such as ‘STAR-ROAD’, ‘GRAVITY’, ‘EVOLUTION’, and ‘UNIVERSE’. Daniel Kang, THE BOYZ, MONSTA X , Jihoon Park, CIX, ASTRO, IZ*ONE, (G)I-DLE, OH MY GIRL, WJSN, AB6IX, ATEEZ, WEi, and CRAVITY showed passionate stages.
Starting with IZ*ONE’s ‘fantasy fairy tale’, ‘FIESTA’, ‘PANORAMA’, ‘WITH*ONE’, ‘DD-DANCE’, WEi’s ‘TWILIGHT’, ‘Doremifa’, ‘Fuze’, CRAVITY’s ‘INTRO + My Turn’, ‘Interlude + Mammoth’, ‘Break all the rules’, Park Ji-hoon’s ‘360’, ‘WING’,’GOTCHA’, AB6IX’s ‘BREATHE ‘,’MIRROR’, ‘Stay Young’, ‘Surreal (Alternative Rock Mix)’, CIX’s ‘Cinema’, ‘Young’, ‘What you Wanted’, WJSN’s ‘BUTTERFLY’, ‘SAVE ME, SAVE YOU’, ‘As You Wishi’, (G) I-DLE’s ‘LION’, ‘DUMDi DUMDi’, ‘HWAA’, THE BOYZ’ ‘INTRO + REVEAL’,’THE STEALER’, ‘Whiplash’, ASTRO’s ‘KNOCK’,’BLUE FLAME’, ‘When You Call My Name’, OH MY GIRL’s ‘Nonstop’, ‘Dolphin’, ‘TIC TOC’, ATEEZ’s ‘INTRO + WONDERLAND’, ‘INCEPTION’, ‘LIGHT’, ‘ANSWER (remix ver)’, Daniel Kang’s ‘2U’, ‘INTERVIEW’, ‘WHo U Are’ , MONSTA X’s ‘LOVE KILLA (extend ver)’, ‘Sorry I’m Not Sorry’, and ‘Dramarama’ a total of 46 songs were presented.
In particular, ATEEZ filled the theme song of the NC online game Lineage in the intro of the ‘ANSWER (remix ver)’ stage with strong performance, and delivered another fantastic collaboration different from the previous stage.
On this day, THE BOYZ said, “We waited so much for the opening of the universe. In 2021, we hope your time will be like a warm spring day.” Daniel Kang said, “There are not many big stages these days due to COVID19, so I was able to enjoy the stage with many artists through the universe. I hope today’s ‘UNI-KON’ will be like a great gift for you,” he said to the fans.
In addition, MONSTA X introduced a variety of contents that can only be seen in ‘Universe’ by releasing photos and behind episodes from the universe original content ‘AREA 51 THE CODE’.
The artist’s performance video will also be provided as an original VOD that includes direct cams for each member and clips for each stage, and interview content will be released sequentially in the Universe app.



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