MONSTA X, ‘Global Star’

Recently, MONSTA X was named in the “K-POP Best Moment of 2020” by Teen Vogue, a famous American magazine.
Next, British magazine Dazed selected MONSTA X’s ‘FANTASIA’ as the ‘Best K-POP TOP 40 of 2020’. The performance of MONSTA X and the visual beauty of the music video were highly appreciated.
MONSTA X was also selected as “All About Luv” in “2020 K-Pop Representative Songs and Albums” by Time magazine in the United States and “The 25 Best Albums of 2020” by Pop Crush.  In addition, according to the 2020 year-end chart ‘Year in Review 2020’ released by Tumblr, MONSTA X ranked 8th in the ‘2020’s Top K-Pop Groups’ category.
All six members (Wonho, Shownu, I.M., Minhyuk, Jooheon, Hyungwon, Kihyun) were listed in the ‘2020’s Top K-Pop Stars’ category, which is an individual ranking of 100 artists. MONSTA X released its first full album in the United States in February, “All About Luv,” and reached No. 5 on the “Billboard 200” and reached No. 10 on a total of 7 charts.
With the title “FANTASIA,” of the mini-album “FANTASIA X,” released in May, the group showed its unique powerful performance.
With the title “Love Killa,” of their 3rd regular album ‘FATAL LOVE’ released in November, they came back and showed a fascinating yet new style.  With the support of global fans, MONSTA X won the ‘Stage of the Year’ at the ‘2020 Asia Artist Awards (AAA)’ and won the first grand prize in 6 years of debut.



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