n.SSign Tops Japan’s iTunes K-Pop Singles Chart with Debut Single ‘NEW STAR’

The Korean music group n.SSign made a successful debut in Japan with their single album “NEW STAR.” Released on the 29th, “NEW STAR” immediately topped the iTunes TOP 100 K-Pop Singles Chart in Japan. This album marks n.SSign’s official entry into the Japanese market, showcasing their unique and explosive energy.

The title track, also named “NEW STAR,” encapsulates the group’s strong resolve. It symbolizes stepping out into the world and moving forward on their path, shining brightly despite unforeseen challenges. The song reflects n.SSign’s determination to shine like a star, burning with passion even in the face of adversity. The music video, released alongside the album, has received positive reviews. Global fans have expressed their admiration for n.SSign’s uplifting energy and their rapid rise, debuting in Japan just three months after their Korean debut, with lyrics that echo the group’s journey of pursuing dreams without giving up.

n.SSign had previously released their Korean debut album “BIRTH OF COSMO” in August. Featuring tracks like “Wormhole: New Track,” “Higher,” “SPICE,” and “Melody,” the group showcased a range of songs in music broadcasts, marking a significant debut. Following this, they successfully held their first arena concert in Tokyo’s Ariake Arena, named after their debut album. With the launch of “NEW STAR,” they have officially commenced their activities in Japan. Looking ahead, n.SSign is expected to continue their dynamic musical endeavors both domestically and internationally.

Source: news.heraldcorp.com


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