Spotify Launches Year-End Campaign ‘Wrapped’, Revealing Jung Kook’s ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’ as the Most Streamed K-Pop Song

Spotify, the global audio and music streaming platform, launched its annual flagship campaign ‘Wrapped’ on November 30, summarizing listeners’ music preferences and listening data from the past year. The Wrapped campaign offers personalized data based on each listener’s music history and preferences, as well as insights into global music trends and diverse streaming records from the year.

In addition to providing listeners with a retrospective of their yearly music journey, Spotify’s Wrapped also supports artists and creators with ‘Artist Wrapped’, a service that offers insights into their key activities and achievements over the past year. Additionally, the campaign includes a variety of year-end editorial playlists.

A notable tradition of the Wrapped campaign is revealing top lists of the most streamed artists and songs globally. This year’s Wrapped also introduces new features that uniquely present listening data, such as ‘Me in 2023’, which shows the listener’s music, artists, genres, podcasts, and listening hours, and ‘Sound Town’, which matches a city to the listener’s music tastes based on their listening activity. Results of the Wrapped campaign can easily be shared on various social media channels, allowing friends and family to reflect on their listening experiences throughout the year.

As part of the Wrapped campaign, Spotify also disclosed the most streamed K-pop artists and songs globally. BTS and BLACKPINK maintained their positions as the first and second most streamed K-pop artists, respectively. Jung Kook, who released his solo album ‘GOLDEN’ on December 3, ranked third. NewJeans secured the fourth spot, marking their entry into the top 10, followed by Stray Kids in fifth.

The most streamed K-pop song globally was Jung Kook’s “Seven (feat. Latto)”, which also placed fourth in the overall global streaming rankings. A Spotify representative expressed delight in celebrating the global achievements of K-pop artists through the Wrapped campaign and hoped that it would bring listeners closer to their favorite artists and provide a joyful conclusion to the year.

Spotify also revealed this year’s most streamed global artists, songs, albums, and podcasts through Wrapped. Taylor Swift was the most streamed artist globally, followed by Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Drake, and Peso Pluma. The most streamed global song was Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers”, followed by SZA’s “Kill Bill” and Harry Styles’s “As It Was”, with Jung Kook’s “Seven (feat. Latto)” ranking fourth.



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