NCT 127, Achieves Weekly Album Chart 1st Place in Just 3 Days with Regular 5th Album ‘Fact Check’… Hot Response ‘Fact Check’

NCT 127 has achieved the top spot on the weekly album charts with their 5th full-length album, ‘Fact Check.’ Released on October 6th, the album quickly rose to the 1st position on major domestic album charts, including Hanteo Chart, Hot Tracks, and Circle Retail Album Chart, within just three days of its release. This accomplishment reaffirms NCT 127’s strong fan base and their continued popularity in the music scene.

The title track, ‘Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議),’ has also been performing exceptionally well on domestic music charts, securing the top spot on Bugs Daily Chart for two consecutive days, along with high rankings on other major music platforms. This demonstrates the group’s powerful presence not only in album sales but also in digital music streaming.

Furthermore, NCT 127 treated fans to a special ”Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議)’ Live Stage” video on their YouTube channel, featuring the debut performance of their new song at the showcase. The live stage showcased NCT 127’s exceptional live performance and dance skills, receiving a positive response from fans.

NCT 127’s 5th full-length album, ‘Fact Check,’ consists of a total of nine tracks, including the vibrant and addictive title track ‘Fact Check (불가사의; 不可思議).’ The album’s success on both the album and music charts underscores the group’s solid position in the K-pop industry.



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