Sunmi Reveals ‘STRANGER’ MV Shorts Film… Teasing a Bold Concept

Singer Sunmi has teased an audacious concept. On October 10th, she released a music video shorts film for her new song ‘STRANGER’ through her official YouTube channel. The shorts film serves as a brief preview of the storyline contained within the upcoming ‘STRANGER’ music video. In the video, Sunmi portrays herself in the midst of creative agony, attempting to find inspiration. She is seen in various scenes, from a room resembling a library, where she clutches her head in anguish, to dancing with a black umbrella in front of a grand mansion, showcasing a versatile range of emotions. Sunmi effortlessly flaunts a variety of outfits and hairstyles, adding to the visual appeal of the video. She also personally participated in recording the narration for the video, enhancing the overall atmosphere with her weighty voice.

In addition to her involvement in lyrics, composition, and production for all the tracks in her upcoming digital single album, Sunmi has increased its completeness. As Sunmi consistently presents fresh and innovative concepts through self-production in each album, anticipation is high among fans to see what new work she will unveil in ‘STRANGER.’ This new release includes three tracks: the title track ‘STRANGER,’ along with ‘Calm myself’ and ‘덕질(Call my name).’ With ‘STRANGER,’ Sunmi is making her comeback as ‘Sunmi-pop’ after a two-year hiatus, drawing considerable attention to her future activities. Sunmi’s new digital single ‘STRANGER’ is set to be released on various music streaming platforms on the 17th at 6 PM.



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