NewJeans Achieves Billion Streams on Spotify Across All Songs from Three Albums, Cumulative Hits Surpass 4 Billion

NewJeans has made a significant achievement by having all the songs across their three released albums hit the billion streams mark on Spotify. This milestone includes the second EP ‘Get Up’ and its interlude track, which, despite being a short piece of around 36 seconds, captivated listeners with the members’ dreamy vocal tones and nuanced expression. As of April 8, ‘Get Up’ has accumulated over 101 million streams, joining the ranks of billion-streamed songs on Spotify.

With this, NewJeans boasts a total of 12 songs from their debut album ‘NewJeans,’ the single ‘OMG,’ and the second EP ‘Get Up,’ reaching billion streams. Hits like ‘OMG’ have crossed 600 million streams, while ‘Ditto’ and ‘Hype Boy’ have each surpassed 500 million streams. Other tracks like ‘Supershiny,’ ‘Attention,’ ‘Cookie,’ ‘NewJeans,’ and ‘ETA’ have also achieved impressive streaming numbers, with several crossing the 200 and 300 million marks.

NewJeans’ total cumulative streams on Spotify have now exceeded 4 billion, showcasing their enduring popularity and critical acclaim across their entire discography. This sets high expectations for their upcoming double single ‘How Sweet’ set to release on May 24.

Pre-sales for ‘How Sweet’ will start on April 26, with a sneak peek of the music video for ‘Bubble Gum,’ a track from the double single, scheduled for April 27. ‘Bubble Gum,’ already partially released as a theme song for a morning show on Fuji TV and a shampoo commercial in Japan, promises NewJeans’ unique refreshing charm through its simple drum patterns and cool pad synth sounds, heightening anticipation for the new release.



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