‘Super Rookie’ ILLIT Storms Billboard Charts, Setting Records for K-pop Debut Songs

ILLIT (ILLIT) is making an unstoppable impact on the Billboard charts. According to Billboard’s recent announcement on their official SNS on April 8th, ILLIT’s debut mini-album ‘SUPER REAL ME’ with the title track ‘Magnetic’ secured 8th and 2nd place on the ‘Global 200’ and ‘Global (excluding the US)’ charts, respectively. This achievement marked the highest ranking ever for a debut song by any K-pop group, male or female, with ‘Magnetic’ climbing 55 and 31 places from the previous week in each chart.

Billboard highlighted that ‘Magnetic’ amassed over 56.3 million streams and more than 3,000 sales (downloads) in just a week. The ‘Global 200’ chart, reflecting the latest trends in the global music market, ranks songs based on worldwide streaming and sales, distinguishing itself from the ‘Hot 100,’ which also considers radio airplay and physical album sales.

ILLIT’s musical influence is also evident across various charts both domestically and internationally. ‘Magnetic’ has achieved notable positions on Spotify’s ‘Weekly Top Song USA’ and the UK’s Official Singles ‘Top 100,’ alongside dominating positions on South Korea’s major music streaming sites such as Bugs and Melon. This demonstrates ILLIT’s strong presence as a top-tier act among the 5th generation of K-pop girl groups.

ILLIT’s explosive debut and their continuing success on the global music scene signal promising prospects for the group’s future.

Source: heraldpop.com


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