RIIZE Strikes Again with Performance Single ‘Siren’ and Plans to Dominate Until June

RIIZE, under SM Entertainment, has successfully launched their comeback with the performance single ‘Siren,’ sparking widespread attention. Originally unveiled before their official debut, ‘Siren’ captivated audiences with its breathtaking performance. Despite not being a formal release at the time, it garnered explosive global interest, leading to demands for its official release.

In April, ahead of their first mini-album ‘RIIZING’ set for June, RIIZE released ‘Siren’ as a prelude to their comeback, warming up with a theme of ‘hustle’ and ambition. ‘Siren’ now serves as the kickoff point for a new chapter, reaffirming RIIZE’s commitment to pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges.

RIIZE is known for their unique genre of ‘Emotional Pop,’ which has resonated well with music fans through tracks like ‘Get A Guitar’ and ‘Love 119.’ ‘Siren,’ with its rapid pace and intense choreography, breaks from the perceived limitations of ‘Emotional Pop,’ showcasing RIIZE’s versatility and limitless potential.

The group has described ‘Siren’ as a benchmark for RIIZE performances, challenging but energizing due to fan enthusiasm. This track not only sets a new standard for their performances but also highlights their growth as artists.

Upon its release, ‘Siren’ achieved impressive rankings across various music charts, demonstrating RIIZE’s rising status in the music scene. With ‘Impossible’ and three other tracks from the album set to be released sequentially leading up to the ‘RIIZING’ mini-album launch in June, anticipation for RIIZE’s diverse musical offerings continues to build.

Source: osen.co.kr


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