NewJeans Takes Over YouTube with ‘Bubble Gum’ MV Ahead of Comeback Without Official Song Release

NewJeans has captivated music fans both domestically and internationally with just the pre-release music video for ‘Bubble Gum’, even before the official release of the song. The music video, which debuted on YouTube, quickly climbed the charts, securing the number one spot on Korea’s weekly popular music video and song charts for the week of April 26 to May 2. It also achieved significant global attention by ranking second and fifth on YouTube’s global weekly popular music video and song charts, respectively.

Despite ‘Bubble Gum’ not being officially released as an audio track yet, it is set to be included in NewJeans’ upcoming double single ‘How Sweet’, which will be released on May 24. The strategic release of the full music video ahead of the single’s audio showcases NewJeans’ approach of engaging the public directly with their music and content.

The music video for ‘Bubble Gum’ is noted for its lyrical visuals and natural storytelling rather than focusing on choreography. It highlights the pure and innocent charm of NewJeans members as they enjoy a summery day together, capturing scenes of them playfully interacting in a house and dancing freely on a sandy beach, dressed in white. The use of nostalgic elements like a camcorder, VHS tapes, bubble gum, old fans, and marbles, coupled with the retro aesthetics, resonates across a broad age demographic.

The music itself is refreshing, with the use of flute sounds and synth effects creating a cool atmosphere, complemented by the clear and gentle vocals of the members, making it a pleasant listen anytime. UPROXX described it as “a breezy pop perfect for the upcoming summer days,” while NYLON noted that the “music video is as sweetly nostalgic as the bubbly pop track itself.”

Amidst this buzz, NewJeans has also teased a collaboration with the renowned pop artist Takashi Murakami for their upcoming Japan debut single ‘Supernatural’. A teaser for the track ‘Right Now’ features a ‘NewJeans X Takashima’ character collaboration, raising anticipation for their debut album in Japan.

NewJeans is set to release double singles on May 24 and June 21 in Korea and Japan, respectively, and will engage in active promotions in both countries. Additionally, a major fan meeting is scheduled for June 26-27 at the Tokyo Dome, highlighting their expanding global presence.



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