NMIXX Lily “I realized popularity after K-Pop star… JYPE places importance on trainee attitude”


Group NMIXX member Lily revealed the secret of the end-of-month evaluation she experienced as a trainee.

On the 20th, Lily appeared as a guest in the YouTube content ‘Limousine Service’ hosted by singer Lee Moo-jin. 

In addition to the recently released NMIXX new song ‘DICE’, Lily also performed ‘Psycho’ by the group Red Velvet, ‘Butter’ by BTS, and ‘How Can I Love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love’ by Akdong Musician. 

She sang and showed off her singing skills. 

To Lily, who said she was in 6th grade at the time of appearing on the audition program, Lee Moo-jin said, “As far as I know, you were hired by JYP immediately after the audition, and after that, you were a trainee and then made your debut recently.” 

In addition, Lee Moo-jin said, “During the long trainee days, there was no one who didn’t know Lily, and I heard that she was a famous honor student.” Lily said, “It was a bit like that.” 

In response, Lee Moo-jin asked, “I’m personally curious, is the attitude score like stage manners or a greeting attitude?” Lily said, “Greeting a lot.”

On this day, Lily said, “I listen to a lot of K-pop, but I can’t say ‘mainly’.”

When Lily chose pop star Taylor Swift as her favorite singer, Lee Moo-jin agreed, saying, “Lilly’s vocals and stage manners seem to have a lot of resemblance to Taylor Swift.” 

After working as a trainee at JYP Entertainment for about 7 years, she debuted as a 7-member girl group NMIXX in February.


Source: ent.sbs.co.kr


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