SEVENTEEN’s Dino Releases His First Solo Mixtape ‘Wait’ Today (27th) – “A New Beginning”

SEVENTEEN’s Dino is set to reveal a new side of himself with his first solo mixtape ‘Wait’.

Today (27th) at 6 PM, SEVENTEEN’s Dino is releasing his first solo mixtape ‘Wait’ through major American music sites like iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music, as well as the global music platform SoundCloud. ‘Wait’ is a mixtape Dino has been preparing for a long time.

Dino’s unembellished voice stands out in ‘Wait’, which is based on a hybrid genre blending Jazz and Glitch. The mix of various sounds, including piano and electric synths, infuses the track with energy, while the straightforward lyrics clearly convey its theme. The overall mood and message of the song offer a propulsion to break free from the monotony of daily life.

Here is a question-and-answer session conveyed through his agency, Pledis Entertainment:

Q. You’ve finally released your first mixtape. How do you feel? A. I’m really happy to release a solo track, something I’ve dreamed of since I was very young. I enjoyed every part of preparing my first mixtape. It feels like I’ve achieved another dream.

Q. What is the charm of your mixtape ‘Wait’? A. My ‘firmness’ is the key point. The track is filled with a mysterious charm where softness and hardness coexist.

Q. What should listeners focus on in ‘Wait’? A. I think my unique vocal tone and character are the main attractions. I’ve prepared a lot to show a new side of me that hasn’t been seen or heard before.

Q. You mentioned showing a new side with ‘Wait’. What kind of charm did you want to showcase? A. I wanted to show a serious and confident side of me, not just the bright and playful Dino people usually see.

Q. Do you have a memorable episode while preparing ‘Wait’? A. When shooting the music video, all 12 members of SEVENTEEN came to support me. I felt so loved and want to express my gratitude and love to them again.

Q. If you could describe ‘Wait’ in one phrase? A. Another beginning!

Q. Lastly, a message to the fans around the world? A. My first solo mixtape is out. Realizing this dream has been possible because of all the CARATs [SEVENTEEN’s fans]. Thank you so much. This is just the beginning, so please look forward to more solo work from Dino. You CARATs are always the reason for my existence. I love you!



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