YG’s New Group, BABYMONSTER, Makes a Hot Debut – “We Will Show Our Unique Colors”

The new girl group from YG Entertainment, BABYMONSTER (consisting of Luka, Parita, Asa, Rami, Lora, Chikita), has officially debuted in the music industry with their debut track ‘Batter Up’.

Unveiled at midnight on the 27th, ‘Batter Up’ is a song that establishes BABYMONSTER’s distinct presence. Its title, reminiscent of a call sign for the next batter in a baseball game, encapsulates the group’s confidence and bold message as ‘game changers’ poised to transform the global music scene. The music combines a dynamic track, catchy hooks, and YG’s distinctive deep hip-hop essence. The strong bass line and the tension-inducing siren sounds are particularly striking, creating an exhilarating sensation that intensifies towards the end, complementing the energy of the six members.

According to YG, despite their young (BABY) age, BABYMONSTER possesses monstrous (MONSTER) talent. YG stated, “They are all-rounders in vocals, rap, and dance, and each member’s individual color adds to this harmony, showcasing an upgraded version of YG’s DNA through their debut reality [show].”

The members of BABYMONSTER shared through their agency, “We are truly happy to realize a dream we’ve had for a long time. As we start our debut, we are preparing various things to repay our fans a hundredfold for their waiting.”

The response has been enthusiastic. The music video for BABYMONSTER’s debut song ‘Batter Up’ approached 8 million views within just 8 hours of its release, and it’s expected to hit 10 million views within half a day.

Source: edaily.co.kr


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