SEVENTEEN’s Dino Releases Teaser for Mixtape ‘Wait’ MV, Heightening Anticipation

Dino from the K-pop group SEVENTEEN is set to showcase a new facet of his talent with his first solo mixtape, titled ‘Wait’. Pledis Entertainment, on November 23, unveiled a teaser video for ‘Wait’ on SEVENTEEN’s official social media channels. The 26-second clip raises expectations about Dino’s new dimensions as a solo artist, presenting his debut mixtape since joining SEVENTEEN. The video begins with Dino entering a location, taking a number, and waiting for his turn, followed by a scene where he steps outside and looks around, as if searching for someone. This teaser, coupled with a snippet of the song featuring the lyrics “Please don’t tell me, ‘Wait'”, has garnered significant attention.

‘Wait’ is a testament to Dino’s broad musical spectrum and capabilities, as he was personally involved in writing and composing the track. The mixtape is expected to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of Dino as an artist, revealing a more sincere and distinct side of him. The song, filled with deep contemplation and Dino’s own stories, moves beyond showcasing him as just a member of SEVENTEEN but as an individual artist and person.

The mixtape ‘Wait’ is scheduled for release on November 27 at 6 PM (Korean Time) and will be available on major international music sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and the global music platform SoundCloud. This release is highly anticipated to serve as a guide to understanding Dino, not just as one artist among many but as an individual in his own right.



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