Stray Kids ‘Thunderous’ is hot in America

Stray Kids topped the US iTunes album chart with their 2nd full-length album ‘NOEASY’. Stray Kids released their second full album ‘NOEASY’ and the title song ‘Thunderous’ at 6 pm on the 23rd, and proved the potential of ‘K-pop 4th generation leader’ by pouring out various positive results in Korea and abroad. 
The new album recorded 930,000 copies of pre-orders on the morning of the release day, followed by sales of 355,946 copies based on the Hanteo Chart in one day, realizing the relentless rise in popularity. It easily surpassed the 234,381 copies of the repackage album of the first full-length album released in September last year and the Initial sales (record sales for a week based on the release date) of the previous work ‘IN生’ (Life).  It set its own new record just one day after its release. 
‘Thunderous’ also ranked first on Bugs’ real-time chart and second on Vibe’s domestic chart, as of 11 pm on the day of the release of the soundtrack, and was ranked at the top of domestic music sites. It topped the charts and swept its own iTunes best performance. For a new album released in about 11 months, Stray Kids listed the members’ names on the composition credit for the entire songs including the title song, and released 8 signature teasing contents called ‘UNVEIL: TRACK’, which introduces some of the songs. Fans around the world responded enthusiastically, and on the day of the comeback, hashtags such as ‘StrayKids_Thunderous’ and ‘Stray Kids_소리꾼’ embroidered Twitter’s world-wide real-time trend No. 1 and No. 2 side by side.



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