Stray Kids to Release New Mini Album ‘樂-STAR’ on November 10th, Returning After 5 Months

Stray Kids will be releasing a new mini album titled ‘樂-STAR’ on November 10th.

JYP Entertainment unveiled a video titled ‘Stray Kids “樂-STAR” Prologue’ on their official SNS channel on the 6th. This marks Stray Kids’ first comeback of 2023, following their 3rd full-length album ‘★★★★★ (5-STAR)’ which achieved 3 consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the U.S. ‘Billboard 200’ chart. The new album ‘樂-STAR’ is expected to continue their impressive journey after ‘★★★★★ (5-STAR)’ with a fresh concept.

The released prologue video offers a different direction and world from the teaser content previously shown by Stray Kids. The video begins with a child in slumber, highlighting a dream where the child enjoys becoming the hero of a bank heist and experiencing “joy.” However, the sweet dream doesn’t last forever, and the child is suddenly surrounded by those they believed were on the same side. Startled, the child awakens from the dream. Upon waking up, it’s revealed that the performance is about to begin in just 5 minutes. The child, struggling with mixed emotions, lets out a sigh, expressing their complex feelings. This captures the moments before a significant performance, where the excitement is juxtaposed with feelings of exhaustion, frustration, and anxiety. The child transforms their frustration into determination, understanding that emotions are self-created, and as long as they can “enjoy” and overcome them, they will do well.

Finally, the kids take the stage, ready to show how to truly “enjoy.” They are set to captivate with bright guitar sounds, drum beats, and a concept centered around “ROCK.” Stray Kids’ new mini album ‘樂-STAR,’ which embodies the essence of “樂 & ROCK,” will be officially released on November 10th at 2 PM (Eastern Time in the USA, midnight Korea Standard Time).



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