TWS Tops the Karaoke Chart for Male Idols

The group TWS (Tours) is showcasing an impressive momentum in the music industry. According to Kyung Young Entertainment, TWS’s song “The First Meeting Doesn’t Go as Planned” claimed the top spot in the March 2024 male idol chart across national Kyung Young karaoke machines and IPTV karaoke services (SK Broadband B tv, KT Olleh GiGA Genie, Genie TV).

TWS’s debut album, “Sparkling Blue,” is rooted in the boyhood pop genre, highlighted by its youthful and refreshing charm. The album is praised for evoking beautiful sentiments through its fantastic and sensuous music, capturing the natural stories of boyhood with every note and lyric.

The title track, “The First Meeting Doesn’t Go as Planned,” achieved an exceptional feat for a debut song by entering the music site charts within a week of its release and eventually reaching number one on the real-time chart. Furthermore, its popularity soared as it became a hot topic on social media platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok, thanks to a viral dance challenge.

The current ranking in the Kyung Young karaoke chart for 5th generation male idols in April shows TWS leading, followed by other emerging groups, indicating a warm reception and significant popularity among the latest generation of male idol groups.



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