‘UN Speech’ BTS “Let’s move forward without being afraid of change”

“We are doing what we can during the COVID-19 situation” “We hope that everyone can say ‘welcome’ to each other in a world that begins anew.” (RM) 
BTS participated with President Moon Jae-in at the opening ceremony of the ‘the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment’, a special event held at the UN General Assembly in New York on the 20th. 
Earlier, on the 14th, BTS received a letter of appointment from President Moon at the Blue House as a “Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture”. 
First of all, RM said, “It’s an honor to stand here.” BTS has communicated with young people around the world by posting related posts on their official Twitter before departure. 
Jin confessed that he had a difficult time due to the COVID-19 situation, saying, “For the past two years, there have been times when I have felt embarrassed and confused.” 
Suga said, “It was a time when we needed a kind of mourning for the things we lost due to COVID-19. 
RM said, “That’s why people in their teens and 20s are also called ‘Lost Generation’.”
Jimin said, “There are many people who continue to meet with their friends in a new way in the online space, start a new study, and try to live a healthier life.”
Jin said, “In that sense, it’s not ‘Lost Generation’. 
RM said, “I have no doubt that if you believe in the possibilities and hopes, you will find a new way instead of getting lost in unexpected situations.” 
J-Hope said, “I think the important thing is what kind of choice you make in the face of change.”
RM then said, “I think it was a ticket that we had to buy to meet the fans who are waiting for us and to come here.”
V talked about hope, saying, “Efforts to continue a new daily life such as vaccinations are continuing, so it seems that the day we will meet face to face is not far away.” 
RM said, “I thought the world had stopped, but it was definitely moving forward little by little. I believe that every choice is the beginning of change. I hope we can all say welcome to each other in the world that begins anew.” 
Previously, they attended the 73rd UN General Assembly, UNICEF Youth Agenda, ‘Generation Unlimited’ presentation event in September 2018. 
At that time, leader RM drew attention by throwing a message to the younger generation, “Let’s love ourselves and have a voice.”

Source: www.edaily.co.kr

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