V and Jennie’s dating rumors ‘fairly true’… Fans also support

The dating rumors between BTS V and Blackpink’s Jennie are becoming a fact as the agency kept silent and additional evidence was presented. 

As additional evidence was pouring in regarding the dating allegations of BTS member V and Blackpink member Jennie, both agencies kept silent, and fans accepted this as the truth. 

A photo of a man and a woman resembling V and Jenny’s features was shared, supporting their dating rumors. The fact that the sunglasses worn by this woman are products of a brand model that Jennie is working as a model and certified to wear also supported these suspicions. As the agencies of both sides did not reveal a separate position regarding the dating rumors, additional evidence continued to be presented, and it seems that their dating rumors are becoming a ‘established fact’. 

The fact that V and Jennie visited a well-known editorial shop with a gap of about 4 months to authenticate was also raised as evidence to support their dating rumors. 

On the 24th, former reporter and YouTuber Lee Jin-ho pointed out that the location in the photo Jennie posted while verifying her trip to LA on the 17th of last month was the same as the location in the photo V posted on Instagram in November last year. 

Lee Jin-ho said, “It’s like V and Jennie visited the same place and took a picture.” He said, “This place is not well known to outsiders as it is a clothing select shop, not a tourist attraction.” 

It raises suspicions that Jennie authenticated the place V visited earlier with a gap of about 4 months. Fans even issued a statement, acknowledging the dating rumors of V and Jennie and taking a stand to support them.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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