YG’s Newcomer BABYMONSTER Releases ‘BATTER UP’ Dance Practice Video, Showcasing Overwhelming Group Choreography

BABYMONSTER, the new girl group from YG Entertainment, has captured the hearts of global fans with a video that showcases the raw charm of their choreography. On December 13, YG Entertainment posted the ‘BABYMONSTER – ‘BATTER UP’ DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO’ on their official blog. Contrasting their previous performance content set against elaborate backgrounds, this video was shot in a practice room, highlighting the group’s natural and confident appeal.

As soon as the song starts, BABYMONSTER’s unique hip aura fills the practice room, a space where they’ve diligently honed their skills. Dressed in comfortable training clothes, they delivered a powerful and dynamic performance with an effortless demeanor.

Even in a relaxed setting, the explosive energy of the six members instantly captivates the viewer. Their synchronized movements, changing formations, and unified actions suggest a single entity in motion. The point choreography, featuring a bat swing and a gaze over the fence in the chorus, leaves a strong impact with its detailed expression.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER released ‘BATTER UP’ at midnight on November 27 and has been making a notable impression on various global charts. This release highlights their rising prominence in the music industry.

Source: heraldpop.com


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