“B.A.B.Y.M.O.N” Unleashed: BABYMONSTER’s MV Hits 1 Million Views in 25 Minutes

YG Entertainment’s newest gem, the rookie girl group BABYMONSTER, has made a bold entrance into the global music scene, promising to turn the world upside down. At midnight on the 1st, BABYMONSTER released their first mini-album ‘BABYMONS7ER’, building anticipation with their previously released ‘BATTER UP’ and pre-release track ‘Stuck In The Middle’ from last February. This debut marks the arrival of a ‘monster rookie’ group that has captured the attention of music fans worldwide.

The title track ‘SHEESH’ stands out with its Baroque-style piano melodies and majestic synthesizer sounds, belonging to the hip-hop/dance genre. The song uses the exclamation ‘SHEESH’ to convey an infectious hook, embodying BABYMONSTER’s bold ambition to astonish the world.

The music video has garnered explosive views immediately upon release, showcasing the perfect ensemble of the seven members — Luka, Pharita, Asa, Ahhyun, Rami, Lola, and Chikita. Their visuals and performance quality are so professional that they instantly mesmerize global fans, making it hard to believe they are newcomers.

BABYMONSTER’s strength lies in being an ‘all-rounder’ group, excelling in vocals, rap, performance, and visuals. Each of the seven members boasts unique vocal talents and a chemistry that exemplifies why they belong to YG’s roster of girl groups.

The group has already hinted at an active schedule, including music shows, fan signing events, international festivals, and an Asian fan meeting tour. The world is now ready to chant “B.A.B.Y.M.O.N” and follow along with their kick dance moves, showcasing the global anticipation for BABYMONSTER’s journey ahead.

Source: osen.co.kr


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