SEVENTEEN Excites 135,000 Fans Over Three Performances in Nagoya During Japan Dome Tour

The K-Pop group SEVENTEEN recently electrified Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, with their performances. As part of their Japan Dome Tour ‘SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ TO JAPAN’, the group held concerts at the Vantelin Dome Nagoya on November 30th and December 2nd-3rd. This tour, which has also visited Tokyo and Saitama, has successfully concluded seven performances across three regions in Japan so far.

Prior to the start of the concerts, the subway stations and the paths leading to the venue were filled with SEVENTEEN’s fans, known as CARATs. The fans, holding hand-made fans and uniquely decorated lightsticks bearing the members’ names, eagerly awaited the start of the performances. The three concerts in Aichi attracted a total of 135,000 attendees, who enjoyed the performances united as ‘TEAM SVT’. The concerts featured a variety of stages including powerful performances of songs like ‘DON QUIXOTE’ and ‘F*ck My Life’, with the fans filling the venue with enthusiastic chants and cheers.

SEVENTEEN’s concerts are notable for their unique unit stages, showcasing a wide musical spectrum. These include the vocal team’s harmonious performance, the performance team’s restrained sensuality, and the hip-hop team’s intense energy. The group also presented special stages prepared for the Japan Dome Tour, including their new Japanese song ‘Ima -Even if the world ends tomorrow-‘ and Japanese versions of ‘HOME;RUN’ and ‘Good to Me’. The audience participated actively, waving lightsticks and chanting in unison. SEVENTEEN further engaged with fans by moving close to them, making eye contact, and responding to their enthusiastic reactions.

Expressing gratitude to their fans, SEVENTEEN reflected on their recent achievements and promised to continue providing good music. The second concert in Aichi was partially live-broadcasted on NTV’s ‘Best Artist 2023’, a major Japanese music program, marking SEVENTEEN’s unique standing in Japan. Alongside the concerts, the urban concert playpark ‘SEVENTEEN ‘FOLLOW’ THE CITY’ also took place, offering various themed activities like a Ferris wheel, train, photo exhibition, and restaurant collaborations, drawing in large crowds of fans. SEVENTEEN will continue their Japan Dome Tour with upcoming performances in Osaka and Fukuoka.



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