SF9 achieves 160,000 copies in Initial sales and wins the bronze certificate for the Hanteo Chart


SF9 won the bronze certificate for the Hanteo Chart again following its previous work. Hanteo Chart announced the news of winning the official initial certification plaque of SF9 through Hanteo News and YouTube “WhosfanTV” on the 3rd.  

The group SF9 won the initial certificate of Hanteo Chart with its 10th mini album “RUMINATION.” SF9 achieved more than 160,000 initial sales with its 10th mini album “RUMINATION” released in November. This is another record of growth in 143,989 sales (the 9th mini album “TURN OVER”), which was the highest initial record in the past. In commemoration of SF9’s initial record, Hanteo Chart issued a bronze certificate, which means achieving more than 100,000 initial sales. “Thank you FANTASY,” SF9 said, giving the honor to the fans who made the record.  

As a result, SF9 has solidified its position as a popular boy group by winning two consecutive Hanteo Chart initial certification medals with its two albums released in 2021. The “Hanteo Chart Official Initial Certificate” is a commemorative plaque that certifies the official record of artists who exceed a certain record sales based on the “initial sales” data compiled by the world’s only real-time music chart, Hanteo Chart. Receiving this certificate means that the group is an artist who has achieved significant results in K-pop. Detailed SF9 certification plaque acceptance speeches and videos can be found on Hanteo News and YouTube’s “WhosfanTV”.


Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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