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“Show! Champion” SHINee, first place after comeback… Defeated Sunmi, Chungha, and Daniel Kang

On the 3rd, SHINee won the 'Champion Song', which is the first place in the MBC "Show! Champion".SHINee's "Don't Call Me", Daniel Kang's “Paranoia”,...

SHINee’s ‘Don’t Call Me’ weekly record 1st place

SHINee's ‘Don’t Call Me’ won the weekly record 1st place.SHINee (SM Entertainment) is continuing its popularity with its 7th full album, ranking #1 on...

SHINee New Album Goes to #1 Globally

SHINee (SM) has proved its power by sweeping the No. 1 global chart at the same time as the release of their new album.SHINee's...

SHINee’s 7th album, “Don’t Call Me” comeback today (Feb. 22nd)

SHINee's 7th album, "Don't Call Me" will be released on various music sites at 6pm today(local time in Korea), and the music video for...

SHINee’s 7th full album title song ‘Don’t Call Me’ MV teaser released

The music video teaser video of SHINee's 7th full album title song 'Don't Call Me', which was released on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN...

SHINee reveals 7th full album ‘Don’t Call Me’ time table

SHINee releases 7th full album 'Don't Call Me' on the 22nd.Group SHINee's teaser time table for the 7th full album has been released. SHINee...

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