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WJSN The Black, ‘Easy’ choreography video released

WJSN The Black released the choreography video of their debut title song 'Easy' through the official SNS channel on the 19th. In the released...

“Ujung, Are you looking at this?” WJSN The Black’s ‘Easy’ choreography video released..Chic Charisma

WJSN The Black (Seolah, Exy, Bona, Eunseo) prepared a special gift for their fans. In particular, the dance of 'So Easy', the point choreography...

Space Girl The Black, summer itself.. exudes a fresh charm

The second unit of the group WJSN, WJSN The Black (Seolah, Exy, Bona, Eunseo) has been selected as a Versace perfume model.  WJSN The...

WJSN The Black appears on ‘Show! ‘Music Core’… Splendid performance

  WJSN The Black (Seol-ah, Exy, Bona, Eun-seo) released their debut album 'My attitude' on the 12th and started their activities with the title song...

‘Debut D-1’ WJSN The Black, a touch of fatal temptation, ‘Easy’

WJSN The Black's debut is imminent. On the 10th, Starship Entertainment posted a sound source preview video of WJSN The Black's debut single 'My...

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