IZ*ONE, ‘Panorama’ to remember the moments together forever

IZ*ONE is returning with a new album.
In particular, it is a story that contains the desire to remember the image of “we are brightest when we are together” forever.
IZ*ONE’s fourth mini-album ‘One-reeler / Act IV’, which means a short film, expresses the beautiful journey of IZ*ONE’s youth and growth in a total of three scenes like those in a movie.
Scene #1 ‘Color of Youth’ is a young and beautiful moments of 12 members,
Scene #2 ‘Becoming One’ means ‘we’ that is finally completed through each other,
Scene #3 ‘Stay Bold’ shows ‘we’ that shines the most when 12 people are together.
‘Panorama’, which was selected as the title, is a song of the Pop House genre that is impressive with beautiful and emotional melody as if the landscape is drawn in front of you.
In addition to the title song ‘Panorama’, the new album was enriched with songs such as ‘Mise-en-Scène’ and ‘Sequence’, each of which has the theme of ‘scenes’ in the movie. In this album, IZ*ONE draws attention as it contains memories of past activities and love for IZ*ONE members. It seems to imply a moment of separation.
The 11 members selected through Mnet’s ‘Produce 48’ debuted as IZ*ONE in October 2018. While working between Korea and Japan for a period of 2 years and 6 months, controversy about the manipulation of the ‘Produce’ series was raised, and PD Joon-young Ahn, who worked as the program director, admits the fact of manipulation. In this controversy, X1 decided to disband, but IZ*ONE decided to continue its activities. Later, while spurring the preparations for a comeback, manipulated victims were revealed, and IZ*ONE’s activities caught the attention again, but Mnet emphasized its position that it would fulfill its responsibilities for IZ*ONE, saying, “It is entirely Mnet’s responsibility.” Therefore, IZ*ONE’s activities are expected to continue until the end of the period, which is April next year.
All songs in IZ*ONE’s fourth mini album ‘One-reeler/ Act IV’ can be enjoyed from 6pm today (7th). At 8pm, ‘IZ*ONE One-reeler Premiere’ through Mnet channel will be broadcast. As a special global premiere to commemorate IZ*ONE’s comeback, IZ*ONE will release the stage of the title song ‘Panorama’ as well as the stage of ‘Sequence’ for the first time.
(You can find the photo from the link below.)



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