NiziU-Treasure-ENHYPEN, the fearless youngest

The momentum of ‘JYP Youngest’ NiziU, ‘YG Youngest’ TREASURE, and ‘HYBE Youngest’ ENHYPEN is fierce. All of them are making global impacts, focusing on the Japanese market, overcoming the barrier of COVID19.  
Recently, NiziU released their second single, ‘Take a picture / Poppin’ Shakin’, and is gaining popularity in the local syndrome. On the 6th and 7th consecutive days, they were ranked 1st on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart, and in the Oricon Weekly YouTube Chart (March 26-April 1) and Weekly Single Ranking (April 12), they beat BTS and ranked 2nd and 1st, respectively and climbed on top.  All of the single songs are being used as commercials for large companies. ‘Take a Picture’ was inserted in the Coca-Cola advertisement, ‘Poppin Shaking’ was played by the largest telecommunications company Softbank, and ‘I AM’ was played in the CM song of the cosmetic brand KOSE. 
Treasure showed YG’s record sales potential with the first Japanese full album ‘THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT’. YG said, “From the beginning, Treasure, a large group targeting the global market, is drawing attention as the next-generation star of YG under its super-fast and super-focused strategy.” Those who have surpassed 370,000 copies on the 3rd day of pre-sale are breaking records by passing 300,000 copies, which is the pre-order quantity for the 20th of their debut album.  
ENHYPEN was the first overseas artist to be selected as the DJ for the Japanese late-night radio program ‘All Night Nippon Cross’. According to the agency, the total number of followers for TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and V LIVE as of the 8th exceeded 14.4 million, attracting the attention of global fans.



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