VICTON “First full album after 4 years of debut. Thanks to the fans who made us grow up”

Group VICTON will release their first full album on the 11th.
The group VICTON, who has sharpened their skills for four years after their debut, is finally releasing their first full album.
VICTON will release their first full album, “VOICE: The future is now,” through various major music sources at 6 pm on the 11th(local time in Korea).
VICTON, which delayed the comeback scheduled for December last year due to the COVID19 issue, confirmed its release in January after reorganization, and will begin full-fledged comeback activities.
After the album’s release, VICTON will broadcast ‘VICTON Comeback Show The future is now’ live to the world through Mnet broadcast and M2 digital channel at 8 pm and release the new song stage for the first time.
‘What I Said’, which was selected as the title song, conveys the meaning of ‘the dreamlike reality will finally begin’, and is a Latin pop dance song that announces VICTON’s ‘The Beginning of the Second stage’. Scott Stoddary, Yooha, and other producers contributed to the song.
VICTON successfully completed its first solo concert in Korea as the finale of last year’s first solo Asian tour, and broke its own record in music and albums through the 6th mini album and 2nd single album.
Some of the Q&As are as follows:

Q. The comeback was postponed once due to COVID19. How did you spend your time?
-Seungsik: I was worried and regretted that the comeback was unexpectedly delayed due to COVID19, but thanks to the support of the fans, I think I was able to work hard again and prepare harder.
-Soobin: I am very sorry for the fans who have been waiting for us, I would like to start the activities as soon as possible to support our fans who are having such a difficult day all over the world.

Q. You are releasing your first full album after 4 years of debut. It must be meaningful to VICTON.
– Seungsik: I think we were able to complete it well because of the fans.
-Chan: I think it is another ‘new beginning’ in VICTON’s journey.
-Han-se: Over the years, I think our skills have improved and the musical spectrum has been widened by releasing albums of various colors. We are proud of the album that contains VICTON’s growth into the 13 songs.

Q. Please introduce the album ‘VOICE: The future is now’.
-Seungsik: The album name means ‘the things VICTON wished and dreamed of are now a reality’ and the image we are living in that reality.

Q. Please introduce your new song ‘What I Said’?
-Seungwoo: It means ‘the dreamlike reality will finally begin’, and it is a Latin pop dance song that announces VICTON’s ‘The Beginning of Act 2′. It’s a really strong and unique concept that’s different from the existing VICTON’s color, and it’s a song that emphasizes performance in particular.

Q. What was your focus on preparing for this album?rn-Seungsik: This full album seems to have made a lot of effort to increase the participation of all the members and to capture the growth in music. There are various genres, and there are solo tracks of the members, so I think there are parts that we paid more attention to.

Q. I heard that you recorded the solos of four members Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, and Han-se, so please briefly introduce each track.
-Seungsik:’Carry on’ is a song that contains the words and consolations the members want to tell me as a leader.
– Chan: The first solo song, ‘Eyes on you’, was first released at a concert. The performance is particularly impressive.
-Sejun: The title of ‘Utopia’ contains a lot of meaning. I got a lot of ideas on the subject of ‘freedom’, and you can freely interpret when you listen to the music.
-Han-se: ‘Where is Love?’ is my own song made with Kwon DL, who is working with me while preparing a solo mixtape. Any modern person living in the world during difficult times will experience a similar situation at least once and it will be comfortable to hear the lyrics.

(You can find the photo and the full Q&As from the source link below.)



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