From Jannabi to IZ*One, unveils the 2nd lineup of ‘MMA 2020’

Kakao’s music platform Melon announced that Jannabi Junghoon Choi, Simon Dominic, Code Kunst, IZ*One, The Boyz and other brilliant artists will appear in the main performance of MMA 2020, which will be held on December 5 (local time).
Jannabi Junghoon Choi, Simon Dominic, and Code Kunst grouped for the super special project single “RECONNECT,” on the 28th anniversary of the launch of the fashion magazine “Elle Korea,” will show their first stage at MMA 2020.
The stages of ‘MMA 2020’ are expected to impress music fans who are having a hard and tiring time during the pandemic.
Earlier, ‘MMA 2020’ attracted attention by delivering news of top-notch artists of various genres, including BTS, Young-woong Lim, and Young Tak, followed by Monsta X, Oh My Girl, and Tomorrow by Together.
MMA 2020 will be held as ‘MMA WEEK’ for 4 days online and non-face-to-face from December 2nd to 5th.
During the MMA WEEK, Melon will sequentially release various and interesting contents suitable for non-face-to-face music festivals, such as pre-events, pre-performances, main performances, and special videos in accordance with the concept “Stay Closer in Music”.
The main event, where the MMA 2020 main performance is held, will be released on December 5th at 7 pm(local time), and you can participate and enjoy through various online channels such as Melon App, Web, Kakao Talk #Kakao TV tab, and YouTube channel.



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