‘High School Rapper 4’ Seung-Hoon Lee is the final winner


Lee Seung-hoon became the winner of’ High School Rapper 4′.  
The final stage, was made by the decision of online audience voting. 
Park Hyun-jin, who said, “I was able to do the stage I wanted to do by participating in ‘High School Rapper 4’,” finished with the support of Jay Park and Kim Da-hyun, Song Min-jae, and Lee Jung-woon, who had been together in the team.  
Noh Yunha, the dark horse of this season, appeared on the stage. Noh Yun-ha, who showed his ability to surpass himself in every mission, stepped on the stage with the song ‘Self-Check’, which meant that he would constantly check himself in the process of changing. MC Nucksal showed off for Noh Yoon-ha, who was on the final stage with Gray’s beat.  
Lee Sang-jae prepared a song with the concept of a spaceship to put the message of happiness on the final stage.  
Lee Seung-hoon, who has always been devoted to music, contains the message that the moments that he had cherished only as dreams have become reality and that tell people who are watching him to have a big dream. Changmo, who led Lee Young-ji’s final victory in the previous season, came on the stage for Lee Seung-hoon this time, and even Wonstein formed a perfect team to strengthen the championship.  
The perfect stage of ‘Mentos’, opened by mentors at the beginning of the season and closed by mentees on the final stage, was enough to overwhelm the audience.  
Lee Seung-hoon proved himself as a rapper by winning a prize money of 10 million won and a chance to release a special music song with a mentor as the winner of ‘High School Rapper 4’.


Source: isplus.live.joins.com

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