NewJeans, Le Sserafim, ‘HYBE sister group’ together with attention

The ‘HYBE sister group’ NewJeans and Le Sserafim (NewJeans) are working together, attracting attention. New Jeans, a girl group launched by Adore, a label under HYBE, is emerging on various music charts at the same time as their debut. After releasing their debut mini-album ‘New Jeans’ on the 1st, New Jeans immediately emerged as a ‘monster rookie’. New Jeans, who debuted with strong support from their agency, emerged as a new runner who would cause a cataclysmic change in the 4th generation girl group version as soon as they debuted. Le Sserafim, who debuted one step earlier, is showing potential like a pot roast. With the title song ‘Fearless’ of their debut mini-album ‘FEARLESS’ released in May, they have maintained their presence at the top of major domestic music charts and are steadily demonstrating their presence. On the 2nd (local time) of the US Billboard’s detailed chart, Billboard Global (excluding the US), Le Sserafim’s ‘Pearless’ ranked 129th, up three places from the previous week, and succeeded in charting for 13 consecutive weeks. Le Sserafim is the longest-staying K-pop girl group on this chart that debuted this year. ‘Fearless’ also drew attention by directing a ‘reverse run’, which rose 13 steps from the previous week on the 16th of last month and climbed up to 98th place on the Billboard global chart. Suspicion of school violence surrounding member Kim Ga-ram was a risk factor for Le Sserafim, but last month HYBE announced the termination of her exclusive contract with Kim Ga-ram, reducing the burden of image deterioration caused by the related controversy. The joint performance of New Jeans and Le Sserafim is something that HYBE will welcome with open arms. It is noteworthy whether New Jeans and Le Sserafim will continue to be active in the future and grow into a team that takes the lead in strengthening and diversifying HYBE’s artist lineup.



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